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Three Leaf 5 Compartment Meal Tray With Lid Set, 200 Sets (8 Packs Of 25 Sets)

Three Leaf 5 Compartment Meal Tray With Lid Set, 200 Sets (8 Packs Of 25 Sets)

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Brand - Three Leaf
Size -  8.25 x 10.25-Inch
Material - Compostable, Bagasse, Biodegradable
Color - White
Shape -  Rectangle
Microwaveable - Yes

100% Bagasse Sugarcane Fiber:  Use our bagasse disposable Trays set to conveniently remember special occasions. This dinnerware is perfect for picnics and birthday celebrations thanks to its high quality. On a classy bagasse   Trays  that is microwave safe and freezer safe, it is simple to offer heavy meals.

Environment Friendly:  Made entirely from sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable sugarcane fiber and ideal for composting for simple disposal. making them good for the environment.

Sturdy and Hot or Cold Use:  These disposable   Trays  are made of a sturdy, relatively rigid organic substance that has a substantial, long-lasting feel and can support heavy food and liquids and cut- and leak-resistant and has no plastic or wax lining.

Safe For Microwaves, Refrigerators and Freezers:  You can serve hot or cold food on these   Trays. It provides Dependable Strength and is free of plastic or wax lining. These   Trays  can be frozen and microwaved. And repeated freezing or microwaving won't harm them.

Less Storage Space:  Compared to other plastic and Styrofoam   Trays, these eco-friendly   Trays  require less storage room. They can simply be stacked one on top of the other anywhere. If dropped accidentally, they won't break readily.  

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